Poems from New York #8

finding grapefruit gems in the bowels of my hard drive… 

One morning in Maine

I discovered that grapefruit

Can be eaten

With brown sugar


This was in the same

town in Maine

where I discovered that grown men

whistle at 12 year old girls


Yesterday I told myself

to claim the fact

that feminism is a key research concern

in my work.


No more hiding

from what I have known

there comes a time

when we are done.

Poems from New York, #7 

New York 

Is a mug of hot cocoa balanced precariously on my hip flexor, 

deep psoas, not yet sore from class 

with Bryan Strimpel, as I listen to George Strait on Pandora and I read Patti Smith talk about New York, over 30 years ago. 
She dropped different names (John Coltrane John Lennon) and took her jelly doughnuts with coffee. 
But perhaps in some ways, it is still the same city.