With 8+ years of childcare and teaching experience, I am a safe and reliable choice for your childcare.

I have experience with newborns through teens, in New York City; rural Virginia; Durham, North Carolina; and Barcelona, Spain. I’ve taught dance extensively, managed a dance studio and summer camps, and provided care in many different kinds of homes to many different kids. I’ve worked with kids where we didn’t even speak the same language, and we always had fun and stayed safe! With that being said, in addition to English, I can communicate (at a basic level) in Spanish, French and Catalan. I’ve worked with kids from families where their first language was English, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.

My style is influenced by my experiences as a dance teacher, as a forest school educator for young children, my research into developmentally appropriate practice, and my volunteer experience as a court appointed special advocate working with young children in the family court system. I am patient, compassionate, and assertive and I care about children’s interests and agency.

Currently I am only available for occasional babysitting or nannying. I am not available for ongoing jobs.