Rewilding: Terra Virginiana (2018) for About Place Journal’s Rewilding Issue

Toro Y Terra: Care Stealing (2018) at the Shenandoah Fringe Festival, Staunton, VA

Brick Solo (2018)

Double Rainbow (2017) choreographed with Mindy Toro for the HS Ensemble at Halestone Dance Studio

Toro y Terra (2017) work in progress collaboration with Mindy Toro

KMO: Kind of a Magical Offering (2016-2017)

KMO: Kind of a Magical Offering at Mindy Toro and Mauri Connors’s Park Piece performance in Prospect Park, May 2017

KMO: Mark Morris at Mark Morris’ inaugural Shared Space session, March 2017

KMO: Kind of a Magical Offering at Movement Research’s Open Performance, Sept. 2016

Lobster and Raccoon on Winter Break (2017) collaboration with Mindy Toro for Triskelion’s Never Before Never Again Festival of Improvisation

DIRT TEA by Mint and Marmalade (2016) collaboration with Mindy Toro

When We Aren’t Birds (2015)

Emperor (2015)

Paris (2014)

Claws (2013)

White Box (2012) collaboration with Chris Cogell and Laura Krause

Dig (2012)

Fragment Partners (2011)