Starting a blog

After working today to get this website up to date, and reading my friend and fellow dancer, Stephanie Reeve’s blog, I decided that maybe it would help me work through my thoughts about dance to document my experiences and ideas as they happen, in a real blog, instead of just after the fact. I’ve never kept a blog before, only journals and sketchbooks and diaries, so this will be interesting.

I will be experiencing three different projects this summer that I will try to document here: working as an intern for Jenny Davies’ Progeny Dance at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA; teaching movement and dance at Fine Arts in Rockbridge in Lexington, VA; and attending the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA.  I might go back and talk about performing last week at Movement Research’s open showings at Eden’s Expressway with Mindy Toro too!

And I’m curious to see if this helps me organize my thoughts and write strategically.

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