10 thoughts for the Upcoming Year: 2017

  1. “People who have been landless know that the land is invaluable; it is worth everything.” – Wendell Berry, The Essential Agrarian Reader, pg. 29
  2. How can you stay in the house all day and not go anywhere?
  3. Tax policy: “Limiting the pro-life agenda to the issue of whether abortion should be legal or illegal is the most hypocritical example of a low-sacrifice issue masquerading as faith-based justice. Regardless of your view of the legal issue, you cannot claim to be truly pro-life unless you are also willing to fight for the high sacrifice of Judeo-Christian guided tax policy.” – Susan Pace Hamill, professor of law at the University of Alabama
  4. A question: how to get mad without feeling hopeless; how to be hopeful  without being useless?
  5. Land use: “As agrarians, we are advocating both that rural land remain open and working, and that people move back to these places… That is, people moving to rural communities should be buying a small property to call their own, but also a share in the much larger surrounding countryside.  How can we accomplish such a transformation of landowning aspirations?” – Brian Donahue, The Essential Agrarian Reader, pg. 46
  6. 2016 I decided to create specific, reasonable, and visionary desires.
  7. 2014 I decided that life is the pursuit of art service sex education children adventure love and family.
  8. “We don’t just choose the things we like; we also like the things we choose.” – Alex Korb, neuroscience researcher
  9. Unqualified affirmation: “Bugbee argues that “the measure of our understanding of reality lies in our capacity for the responsible realization of unqualified affirmation.” Unqualified affirmation presupposes that we allow the world of things and bodies to become fully present to us, to let their demands be felt by us, and that we not distort or block – whether through fear, laziness, or arrogance – the stream of reality that continually surrounds us.”  Norman Wirzba, quoting Henry Bugbee, The Essential Agrarian Reader, pg. 89
  10. Sometimes focusing is the act of starting over again each time you get interrupted.  It’s easier for some to do than others, but it is possible.




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