10 thoughts for the Upcoming Year: 2017

“People who have been landless know that the land is invaluable; it is worth everything.” – Wendell Berry, The Essential Agrarian Reader, pg. 29 How can you stay in the house all day and not go anywhere? Tax policy: “Limiting the pro-life agenda to the issue of whether abortion should be legal or illegal is theContinue reading “10 thoughts for the Upcoming Year: 2017”

Poems from New York (Joralemon St.), #18

the case for osmosis this is how we/ they used to write: an idea would come to you you research expand idea draft draft redraft show feedback redraft publish ruminate. This is valid. So is mess. A brain rejoices in an opportunity to be challenged; to exercise The case for osmosis  is a phrase thatContinue reading “Poems from New York (Joralemon St.), #18”

Poems from New York (on break), #17

Raccoon  little house mtn all the high school peeps a hint of love dads and moms old memories home home home fields birds worry Lauren helping people optimism grasses a grass wreath 3 little boys two actually little daydreams rabbits see how they run see how they live can we go doe hunting in yourContinue reading “Poems from New York (on break), #17”